Let’s Movie

Come and make a movie… in English!

We will write, design and shoot a short film.

All you need is:

-Level B1 or superior


-Enthusiasm for speaking and learning


Where? In the EOI Granollers

When? 12 weekly one hour and ½ sessions (18 hours)

How much? 100€

We will work in 3 stages:


Stage 1 4 sessions to prepare a script

-Talking about cinema/theatre/TV series… 

-Agreeing about what to do and make groups

-And then … start writing!


Stage 24 sessions of script production.

-Working both in class and at home, following script writing guidelines (always in English!) 

-Commenting and shaping the scripts together as we go along, and paying attention to the possible grammar/vocabulary issues we may have.

-And then… start looking into the acting, checking out pronunciation/intonation.


Stage 34 sessions of shooting

-We rehearse, practice and get ready for filming 

-And then… ACTION!


Short after finishing the course you’ll receive the edited version and some comments about your performance (in English… we’re sure your acting will be superb!)


If you are interested, please fill in this form*

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so get your act together and enrol our “Let’s movie” course!

*Registrations will be by order of advanced registration date and payment.